ESOMAR is the essential organisation for encouraging, advancing and elevating market research worldwide.

The objects of the Society are:

  1. Internationally, to promote the development and use of marketing, social and opinion research, being recognised forms of scientific endeavour, as an important basis for effective management decision in both public and private sectors alike.
  2. To further the professional interest of Members wherever they may reside and work.
  3. To encourage the highest technical standards and levels of professional conduct among its Members.
  4. To establish a code or codes of ethical practice and professional standards.
  5. To study and advise on national and/or international legislation and judicial decisions which may appear to affect Members in their professional capacity.
  6. To provide the means, through meetings, congresses, seminars, publications and other activities by which all Members may extend their knowledge, widen their experience and advance their professional status.
  7. To engage in any other activity or activities as may be considered with the interest of Members.

Download the following file to read more about the ESOMAR statutes:

ESOMAR Statutes (432 Kb)